Why No Posts

I spent the past week crafting a long post about an important issue that I have first-hand knowledge of.  I think it’s  good.

Unfortunately, I can’t post it here.  There could be repercussions that I can’t risk. There might not be; but who knows?

So I put the post up on another site where I post occasionally under yet another pseudonym.If you’ve posted comments on this blog, I’ve got your email address (you had to enter it in order to post) and I have mailed you the URL   If you’ve not commented here, you’re out of luck.  Unless you want to post a comment begging me for the URL; But I don’t see why you’d want to do that.

I’ll post again soon – and I mean soon.  Rhumba and I have got two weeks off and plenty of things to do.  But it’s not all housework and trips to the dump, and late-night blogging’s a lot more fun in than the nth rerun of “A Chistmas Story.”  Especially when I know I can sleep late every morning.

In the meantime, my quick start project for Police Blotter Haiku: the Book quickly rose to 78 percent of goal – and stalled out.  Nothing’s happening.  The Kickstarter Community has all dispersed for Christmas-shopping, I suppose. If you know anybody who’d be interested, or just wants to see my film-noir performance-art pitch video including a brief moment of full dorsal nudity on my part, send them the link.

Enough groveling.  There’s recycling to take out.


2 thoughts on “Why No Posts

    1. admin Post author

      That is correct, Forrest, I did. And thank you and everyone else for your support. It was support from readers here that put me over the top, I’m sure of it. I’ll post a proper thank-you in a bit.


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