The Regulars

Rhumba hasn’t stopped drawing caricatures – the pile gets ever taller – so I haven’t stopped compiling them into themed groups and sticking them up on foam core board, with captions.

the regulars

This week’s theme: the “regulars” at a fictitious coffee house here in Santa Cruz.  I say it’s fictitious, anyway.  That’s my story.  Trust me. Although I think you can find a coffee house crowd like this almost any place you go.


Rather make up names for each character, I’ve labeled them by what they order.  Sometimes the order defines the person who ordered it.


And here’s the whole piece, ridiculously large.  Click on it to see the larger view, then click again to see it even larger and navigate around through it.

Next week? Who knows? I’m looking through the stack and I see good fodder for a display called “Regrettable Roommates.”  Enjoy.

Coffee All

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