A 50-Something Free-Associates

Civil servants rubber chickens Carl Sagan NordicTrack
Surfers roofers college students Assam Breakfast iPhone app
Chilly weather sunshine darkness cat food vet bill dentist plaque
Redwood fencing health insurance decent doctor heart attack

So, what’s on your mind?


2 thoughts on “A 50-Something Free-Associates

  1. LK

    what am i going to do with all these books? what’s for lunch? where am i going to put all these books? wonder what’s for dinner…

    (What can I say – I’m a fairly simple guy.)

    1. admin Post author

      Nothing wrong with simple. Owning 1-2 million books, though; that’s not simple.

      Why don’t you rent a stall at the Napa Flea Market, pay some likely and hairy young man $75 and all the books he can eat to man it for you every Sunday? Make ’em $2 apiece, 5 for 5 bucks (inflation). In the meantime, you can develop a cryptic sense of humor, an impenetrable smile, a dusty fedora, and the habit of giving people checks that “you shouldn’t cash before Wednesday.” Continue the tradition into the 21st century. And beyond 😉


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