Writers-Block Police Blotter Haiku

This week I couldn’t write a good haiku to save my life.  Honest to God, I thought I’d run dry.  But tonight, things went went well.  I had the Gregorian chant channel running on YouTube; perhaps it centered me.

Here’s tonight’s batch: as always, seventeen-syllable haiku based on crime stories from the police blotter columns of the nation’s newspapers.  Tonight’s come from the California Gold Country, where life is — colorful.  That’s it.  Colorful.  Enjoy.

“Dog bites man,” they knew,
and “man bites dog,” but nothing
of “dog bites your car.”

They weren’t aware of
what alcohol made him do
till he’d had three drinks.

His home-made bullwhip!
The power made puberty
seem almost worthwhile.

He thought it safe to
abuse a homeless women.
Sadly, he was right.

For three days she spoke
a long, soft soliloquy
in front of his shop.

He threw a punch at
the car that almost hit him.
It missed, he missed… peace.

Piss in a storm drain…
His urge could not be constrained.
But someone complained

2 thoughts on “Writers-Block Police Blotter Haiku

  1. lk

    Geez Jim,

    I get busy and don’t look at your site for a couple of weeks, and the next thing I know, you’ve published three more blog entries – all good ones I should add. Glad to see you’re still at it. CC and I are still doin’ our thing at the same ol’ popcorn stand. Just changed our online book listings to a much more active sales site. Hoping we can bump up our online sales. Anyway, glad to see you all are still hangin in there. Be well.


    1. admin Post author


      Good to hear from you. Gotta admit, I was expecting the tumbleweeds to blow in through the door, it was so quiet out there. I honestly don’t know how many people are reading here. So I was glad to get your comment.

      I’ll always keep this site going — knock on wood — but I am recycling some of the material over at ello.co and the Daily Kos for additional exposure. ello is the new, hip beta-version noncommercial social media site for hip, arty young(ish) media professionals. As far as I can tell, it’s pretty much a photo-swapping site for people with short attention spans who don’t want to read or see anything that doesn’t fit on an iPhone screen. I tend to send only short things over there, and pictures. If you want to take a look, try: ello.co/jadjones . I could even “invite” you so you could be a member, though at this point I don’t know why you’d want to. I’m waiting for the new version of the interface, which will include such wild, crazy things as hashtags for like, easily finding stuff.

      Good luck to you and CC with the new online listings. Hope it generates more online sales, and I guess you do, too. You two keep hanging in there as well.


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