Help Us, Bernie Sanders! You’re Our Only Hope!

Anybody can make a t-shirt supporting a presidential candidate. You don’t need permission.

Sure, the candidate’s campaigns offer plenty of t-shirts. But any guy who just wants to sell t-shirts can make one for that candidate, too. And that independent-made t-shirt doesn’t have to be polite. It can cut right to what some people are actually thinking.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign wouldn’t make this shirt. But in 2016 Bernie was absolutely the “Fuck this Shit” candidate, and some t-shirt guys decided to just, you know, say it. They probably made a few bucks.

Bernie Sanders was and is a polarizing character. People who were comfortable with things as they are just wished he’d go away. But if “things as they are” were killing you — crushing college debt, vanishing jobs, the primacy of wealth over justice — you might see him as a savior.

And since you can’t make an ethnic Jew / agnostic presidential candidate look like Jesus, Luke Skywalker would have to do. Besides, nearly everybody likes Luke Skywalker. And just maybe, he could take down the Evil Empire.

Or maybe Bernie’s not Luke Skywalker: just elderly, angry Bernie Sanders — on an epic quest for justice and freedom? Maybe. A lot of young workers are angry; and a lot of old ones, too. They’re looking for a way forward.

That way won’t be Bernie. But it will be someone, or some organization or movement. And they had better have read the manual on light sabers.

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