Santa Cruz has many secrets, and I don’t know them all – in fact, very few of them.  But I keep my eyes open.

I’m middle-aged, stocky, married.  In equal parts cynical and hopeful about the human race and its ability to do the right thing – when all else fails. More to come.

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  1. Fabien

    Hi how’s it going. I saw on your blog that you collect t-shirts. I was wondering if by chance you have any military hoodies you’d part with? I collect those. Thank you

    1. admin Post author

      I definitely get the attraction, I have a great many military tees. But I stay away from hoodies as the thrifts want a lot more for them and I’m not working to make this hobby pay for itself. Good luck in your quest, though.

  2. Gregg Stewart

    When I was a kid my parents took me to a coffee house in Santa Cruz that had books and was very rustic and comfortable. I have not been to Santa Cruz in over 30 years…And I do not remember the name of that coffee house.
    Can you help me? Do you have any idea what place it was/is?

  3. Alex

    Hey Mr. Jones, I’m a highschool kid from Bakersfield, California with a love for Santa Cruz. Every summer since 2014 I have made the 4 hour drive to Santa Cruz with my church for our week long summer camp. Some of my best memories with my oldest friends have been made there and I always have a great time whenever we go up. We always stay in the same place a couple blocks from the beach. I was part of the first group of kids that our church took there and we happily discovered Kong’s Market. The owner was a super kind Asian gentleman that recommended we try his burgers so we came back the next day to have them for lunch. They were amazing and one of my favorite parts of camp. Last year when I came to camp is when I found out Kong’s Market had closed. This was when I was planning on finally buying a King Kong Burger T-shirt but I sadly never got one. When I went to church this morning my friends and I were looking at some old photos and found one of Kong’s which is what urged me to try to find a King Kong Burger T-shirt. After a bit of searching I finally saw a photo of the the t-shirt which lead me to your website here. I was wondering if you would be willing to sell me this t-shirt as it has a lot of great memories. It would really mean a lot to me but I understand if you are not willing to part with this awesome shirt.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Alexander:

      I don’t sell shirts from my collection as a rule. That said, if I find a duplicate (I have a fair number), I’ll get back to you. I only need one. I’m sorting through them all now, so I’d know in a few weeks.

      Thanks, Jim Jones


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