For-Profit Patriotism

Apparently: nothing’s more American than wrapping yourself in the flag to sell something. It helps to have no shame at all of course.

This past 40 years, shame has not been on America’s menu: especially a McDonald’s menu. With this tee, McDonald’s declares that it embodies America, and dares anyone to say otherwise. Shameless with a vengeance.

Maybe they could get away with that in 2002, when the tribes gathered in Vegas for the annual McD convention: the store operators, the suppliers, corporate bigwigs. Connections were made, deals cut, programs rolled out. And for entertainment: Cher!

Twenty years later, the Golden Arches need some Brasso. Revenue’s not wondrous. McD’s food is cheap, but not good. But many of their customers can’t afford food that’s good, but not cheap. The franchisees are pissed at corporate.

Customers under pressure, unresponsive leadership: hey, maybe McDonald’s IS America after all.

Somehow, gun ownership got to be patriotic: “THE SECOND AMENDMENT GUARANTEES THE FIRST!” shouts this t-shirt for a holster company.

The American Flag, the Statue of Liberty — it’s all there. Lady Liberty’s even wearing a shoulder holster. Galco Gunleather offers holsters for every body part: chest, hip, shoulder, belly, ankle. And more!

As for the second amendment guaranteeing the first: doubtful. The second is about militias. Reputable constitutional scholars all agree. But if you sell guns, the Second Amendment means whatever you want to say it means.

The National Rifle Association knows about that. They oppose all restraints on gun ownership. They swoop in to thwart all proposed restrictions. Because the right to own guns is the American Way: see the eagle?

If the American Way means wrapping yourself in the flag for money, the NRA’s all about it. It garners heavy, heavy donations by running cover for gun manufacturers. The NRA serves as the gun industry’s trade organization, its paid advocate. Supporting gun owners? That’s just part of the marketing pln.

Meanwhile, more and more people buy guns because of perceived rising violence — from other gun owners. Too many guns, too powerful, too easy to get: It’s a hellish feedback loop to more carnage, more fear and yes, more gun sales.

Remember, “Freedom is not Free:” Sturm Ruger needs to make its money. Pay up.

And let’s not forget stock car racing: look at all that patriotic imagery: the flag, a Stealth fighter, stars and of course a giant eagle.

For some people, these are the signs of American greatness — not well-educated children or medical care for all. No, a giant eagle means that America is great! And stock cars are great! Therefore, stock cars are America! NASCAR is America! Admission $245 for this event, order online please thankyew.