Daily Archives: September 8, 2019

T-Shirts from the Collection: My Latest Rothian Acquisition

Excavation Crew Ed Roth Style Tee

Here’s my latest Ed Roth-inspired t-shirt acquisition.  Roth-style monster-in-a-hot-rod designs continue to inspire new t-shirt designs: this one for construction workers. Because they’re all about letting out the id; and I guess that after seven or eight hours on a caterpillar you might just feel the impulse to bulldoze an gas station or something.

Everybody knows what a Roth-style car creature  means — WILD and CRAZY!

But where do you draw the line?  What’s in the Roth mold, and what is not?

Not long after I found this tee, I came across another one that might have qualified: a sheep driving a tractor.  The tee was from some additudinal collegiate agriculture club that was proclaiming it’s badassery. They’d simply taken a clip-art image of a sheep and placed (sort of) in the diver’s seat of a clip-art image of a tractor.

But was it Roth-like? I have criteria:

  • Is the driver way out of proportion in size to the vehicle? Well, yeah, by its size that would have been a thousand-pound sheep.
  • Does the driver have bug eyes? No, just sheep eyes.
  • Did it have fangs or snaggle teeth? No, no teeth at all.
  • Did it have a maniacal leer on its face? No, just a sheep expression. AKA, no expression.
  • Was the tractor popping a wheelie? Nope
  • Was the tractor spewing flames or smoke?  Nope.

You need at least three out of the six to get into my Roth-inspired t-shirt selection. It failed.  I left it on the rack.  Sorry guys, so near and yet so far!

Oh, by the way:  don’t take this seriously.  I’m not that far gone into t-shirt geekdom.  Yet.